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“My treatment was extremely effective and resolved the skin issues I had been experiencing. The office staff are courteous and professional. I am pleased with my results and the care that I have received.” -Andrea S.

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Feb 24, 2012 by Susan L.

Originally submitted 1.19.12:
Staff were very kind and informative. I've been going to many other dermatology offices and I've never received as much information and is much time as I have here. I'm glad that Dr. Crutchfield and staff care about my well-being and are dedicated to my success.

Feb 24, 2012 by Chris L.

Orignially submitted on 12.27.11:
I couldn't be happier with Dr. Crutchfield and his staff. The quality and care they have extended to me of the patient has been exceptional. This has been a positive, life-changing experience and I can't thank them enough for all they have done.

Feb 24, 2012 by Pamela D.

Originally submitted on 1.23.12:
I have struggled with vitiligo my entire life, until the UVB booth and Dr. Crutchfield came offer another solution beyond living with the spotting. I have seen improvement in all areas of my body. This has given me the gift of increased confidence and happiness. Thank you to all the staff at Crutchfield for the caring and helpful guidance. Dr. C is a treasure.

Feb 24, 2012 by Aldo N.

I come to see Dr. Crutchfield due to a skin condition on my face and neck - after receiving medication and a course of light therapy, my condition has improved 100%. Very thankful for the results. Thanks Dr. Crutchfield.

Feb 24, 2012 by Becky H.

Originally submitted on 12-30-2011:
I have been seen for severe acne scarring this past year. I am in my mid 40's and want better skin. I have overall been pleased with Dr. Crutchfield and his staff. I have had saline injections and a pixel and a selphyl treatment. I feel confident that Dr. Crutchfield and his staff are some of the best around and I came to the right place as a good start to the road to better skin. Dr. Crutchfield appears very invested in his patients and to providing good overall care! The nurses are stellar and very well educated as well. Would recommend to others- I gave Dr. Crutchfield's name and address to our local derm. in Iowa to refer out others to in the future with special concerns.

Feb 24, 2012 by Pablo C.

Originally submitted on 01-08-2012:
I had alopecia since 2004, back in Texas I saw several dermatology doctors and they didn't have a treatment for it, I then moved to Minnesota in 2007 and I saw 2 or 3 more doctors. No results, my alopecia was still there. A friend recommended Dr. Crutchfield and after 2 treatment sessions MY HAIR IS BACK!! Thank You.

Feb 24, 2012 by Carol E.

Originally submitted on 01-05-2012:
I can't believe how good my legs and arms look! My legs have been red, scaly embarrassing for years. I have tried a variety of medications but after a while I gave up. Dr. Crutchfield said he would help me clear up my psoriasis- AND HE DID! I am no longer embarrassed to wear a dress or shorts. I can even contemplate wearing a swimsuit. Seeing is believing- my legs are clear, soft, amazing. Give him a try. You won't be disappointed. Now... if he could just remove my extra 30 pounds.

Feb 24, 2012 by Aaron H.

Originally submitted on 12-29-2011:
I had a bunch of crazy itchy bug bites on my legs that would not go away. We tried a couple creams and ointments that did not work but then tried a combo of shots, pills, and a different ointment. It worked and the bites went away. Hallelujah! Thank you Doctor Crutchfield!

Feb 24, 2012 by Kirstin L

Originally submitted on 2.2.12:
Truly amazing! I was nervous about my hair loss and was resigned to the conclusion that there was no hope. But one year later I have visible results and am so excited. The entire staff has been extremely friendly and encouraging throughout the entire process. So glad that I cam here and followed their treatment plan.

Feb 24, 2012 by Drew H.

Originally submitted on 12-19-2011:
Always leave here feeling better about skin.

CrutchfieldDermatologyReviews.com , USA 5.0 5.0 1577 1577 Very, very good! I am very happy with the outcome. My husband says that on a scale of 1 to 10, Dr.Crutchfield has made my skin a 12!