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“My treatment was extremely effective and resolved the skin issues I had been experiencing. The office staff are courteous and professional. I am pleased with my results and the care that I have received.” -Andrea S.

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Jun 21, 2012 by Renee McDavid

Originally submitted on 6.20.12: Dr. Crutchfield's treatment of my skin condition was nothing short of a miracle. After 1.5 years of mis-disagnosis and undetermined biopsies, I finally found relief after my visit at Crutchfield Dermatology. The medication prescribed healed and cleared my conditions in less than 2 weeks of beginning treatment.

Jun 21, 2012 by Anonymous

Originally submitted on 6.20.12: I thought about getting Botox in my forehead for years, but the fear of looking 'done' or changing my expression held me back. After much research and several recommendations, I felt Dr. Crutchfield was the right choice for me. My forehead wrinkles are smooth and I couldn't be happier! I only wish I'd found Dr. Crutchfield sooner. Thank you for making it a great experience!

Jun 15, 2012 by Greg Rasmussen

After going to several doctors with an unknown, full body rash with constant itching and bleeding sores, I went to the Mayo Clinic and U of M - both confirming I had Pruirgo Nodularis. Both places did treatments, which helped for the time-being. After doing research on the computer, my wife found Dr. Crutchfield, and since I had been all over with no luck, I figured whats one more doctor? I met with Dr. Crutchfield on May 25, 2012, and he agreed with what I had. He put me on a couple different topical medications. It was amazing - after the first week, along with light treatment, I am no longer itching and my sores are healing nicely. At my 3 week visit I am continuing to improve and feel so much better about myself and I am not embarrassed to go outside in shorts and t-shirts.

Jun 15, 2012 by Saraelijah Chhum

Originally submitted on 6.14.12: Like many patients living with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, meeting new doctors and specialists becomes routine. This disorder caged my body - without medication, my skin would crack and create reptillian-like scales and my joints would be inflamed and stiff. I felt dibilitated and restricted. Having lesions on your body can be embarrassing and sometimes shameful. I had high hopes coming into Crutchfield Dermatology, and after a month of their treatment I have found a new lease on life. For the first time in 10 years I went to the beach! I feel liberated!

Jun 15, 2012 by Beverly Hess

Originally submitted on 6.14.12: For years I have been seen and treated for facial acne and scarring. I was prescribed various creams, ointments, pills and antibiotics. Unfortunately there was no resolve. I heard about Crutchfield Dermatology and immediately came in. After my first visit I knew that he would be able to help me. Dr. Crutchfield is amazing! His passion for helping and educating his patients has led to great sucesses. The staff at Crutchfield Dermatology are professional, knowledgeable and caring. They are a reflection of what Dr. Crutchfield stands for. Today I am acne free! Thank you Dr. Crutchfield!

Jun 15, 2012 by Emaline Zisk

Originally submitted on 6.14.12: Dr. Crutchfield is a great doctor - the staff is very friendly and happy people.

Jun 15, 2012 by Sunnie Valdez

Originally submitted on 6.13.12: Dr. Crutchfield made me feel great about my hair again. I thought it was all lost. 1 treatment and my hair was growing again.

Jun 13, 2012 by Robin Sikkila

Originally submitted on 6.8.12: I had been searching for treatment options for a persistent skin condition for several years. After my first visit, the treatment recommended was very successful in managing the symptoms! Dr. Crutchfield and his staff are very professional and considerate - my experience at this clinic has been very positive and I will definitely recommend Dr. Crutchfield to anyone experiencing any type of dermatological condition. As a nurse myself, it was important to me to receive treatment that was effective in a short period of time. Thank you Dr. Crutchfield!

Jun 13, 2012 by Meagan Sadlovsky

Originally submitted on 6.12.12: I am happy with the results from the CoolSculpting at Crutchfield Dermatology. I would recommend this procedure to others.

Jun 08, 2012 by Linda Cao

Originally submitted on 6.7.12: I am always amazed at how professional and warm the staff is at Dr. Crutchfield's office. I have seen plenty of dermatologists in the past for my skin issues to not be correctly addressed. Dr. Crutchfield is seriously a miracle worker and I refer everyone I know to him for any skin problems. GO TEAM CRUTCHFIELD!

CrutchfieldDermatologyReviews.com , USA 5.0 5.0 1710 1710 I have had a very favorable experience with Crutchfield Dermatology. I had complete resolution of my symptoms and discomfort in just 2 short weeks after suffering for 2 years with